Bild eines Segelbootes

Fodiator Team

the exhibition team: Rolf Eichinger (left) from Fodiator, Franz Pschera (right) from Entrak

Fodiator is a joint venture of:

Fodiator GmbH

Untere Bahnhofstr. 20

D-91186 Büchenbach, GERMANY



Richtweg 33

D-90530 Wendelstein, GERMANY

After Rolf Eichinger came up with the idea of developing a fuelcell drive for boats in 2010, there’s been big a huge progress in the whole project. The first study, presented at the boat show in 2011, was more or less a piece of handicraft with friends. The show revealed though that the idea had lots of potential and had to become way more professional.

After reading an article on Fodiator in the local newspaper, Entrak contactet Rolf Eichinger and joined the project. Entrak has been developing drives and energy supplies for aircrafts and watercrafts for decades. Adding Rolf Eichingers year long experience in ship building and his contacts to the recreational shipping scene created some excellent synergies.



At the boat show 2012, Fodiator and Entrak already presented the first prototype of a 5kW-drive. That drive has been tested on Brombachsee near Nuremberg since May 2012.

After test drives exceeded all expectations concerning performance and range, Entrak and Fodiator presented the first series product at the boat show 2013. Right now, under guidance of Fodiator, we are having three ships built that are to be fitted with the new FODIATOR drive.

At this time we can offer FODIATOR as 2.5 and 5kW versions, a 10kW version will follow in the midterm.