Bild eines Segelbootes

Development objective

So far there is no ecologic, electric boat drive that will run a boat efficiently over a long range. Existing systems are single copies with no market mindshare, inappropriate for leisure boating.

Fodiator ist he first drive that will fulfil these demands.

Unlike other systems, the fuelcell will provide all energy needed during the regular boat operation. Only for maximum energy need energy will be taken from the storage batteries. These batteries will also supply for starting the celldrive and serve as an energy storage.

After the presentation of our 500W version at the boat show 2011 we decided to go for the hybrid system, mainly for cost reasons, since the fuelcell compartments (“stacks”) are the cost-pushing factor. When analyzing driving profiles we found out that 90 percent of all driving uses ten to 50 percent of the engine power only. So we decided to cover 50 percent of the maximum power required by the fuelcell, peek demands will be supported by the batteries. That way a rather small und affordable fuelcell will suffice.

the figure shows a normal speed-profile of a boat. 90% of the time of a cruise are made with demand of 10-50% of the possibel 5kWtl_files/fodiator/content/Bilder/Bilder_1/Fahrprofil.gif