Bild eines Segelbootes

Fodiator benefits

• Highly efficient, long range

• High torque at any engine speed, leading to great propulsion at low speed

• Low loss at propeller due to friction in the water

• Universal drive for all waters, also protected areas

• No to fuel or lubricant contamination of waters

• No exhaust and carbon dioxide emission

• Ecologic fuel (hydrogen)

• Low noise emission

• Electric supply of drive and all onboard supplies due to intelligent power management

• Custom fitted solutions 


This is how the compartments are fitted right. Overall weight: about 140 kg,  gas tanks not included


5kW version of Fodiator, ready for series production, as shown at the boat show 2013 in hall 10, with the following features:

  • Integrated touch display by Philippi, to survey tank capacity, cell drive status, capacity remaining (range), loading current of engine battery as well as loading current of 12V on-board power supply.

  • Charging currents for both battery banks are regulated by our new charging control which also offers a 230 V shore power connection
  • Our newly developed safety unit detects hydrogen at concentrations of less than 15 percent below the lowest explosion limit, ambient temperature is also monitored , thus eliminating fire hazard. The system holds up to four security units, that way you may surveil three fuel tanks plus the cabin
  • The control module integrates the info of the safety unit, regulates gas switch-off, acoustic alarms, surveils tanks and batteries, controls the display und sends notice to your mobile phone. The latter is especially important in winter, at freezing temperatures, as the fuelcell is heated during that time to protect the membrane. With the boat connected to shore power, from time to time energy is generated with gas. When running low on gas you will have a message sent to your mobile – thus preventing damage of the fuel cell.