Bild eines Segelbootes

Welcome to Fodiator, range for e-drives The fuelcell-e-drive for sea and inland waters

  • low-noise
  • high performance
  • ecologic
  • efficient

In October 2012 we introduced our new fuelcell e-drive to the media. In the presence of district chief executive Wägemann, Mr. Simon from the administrative district office gave an overview of the plans of Brombachsee special purpose association: a sea center, hydrogen filling station, hydrogen electrolysis. (Please see: Brombachsee  project)

Now we are at the market in production with the first fuelcell-drive for everyone and every boat. We have systems from 1,1 to 10kW, which are 13.000-23.000€. It would be a pleasure, to make you an offer.

Boots-Charter Fahrland Ltd., a charter company offers a fishing and a leisure launch boat on Brombachsee starting June 2013, a luxurious house boat for holiday on water will follow. All boats will be fitted with Fodiator Green Fuelcell Drives. (Please see: Brombachsee project).


By the way … Fodiator is the genus name of a flying fish! (click here)

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A short video on Fodiator at the boat show 2012 was broadcasted on arte and WDR ... Click to watch the video