Bild eines Segelbootes

Hydrogen supply


Hydrogen can be provided by our partner Air Liquide to any marina anywhere in Europe. Tanks are 10 l or 50 l at 200 or 300 bar. We offer gas at prices that equal diesel or petrol. Driving ranges with 50 l tanks can be seen under “performance results”.

10 l tanks weigh about 20 kg which is quite light a supply for about six hours of driving. 50 l tanks are quite a lot heavier (78 kg), but then again they supply for about 30 hours of driving. Two persons can easily change even the heavier 50 l tanks.

Our charters boats at Greater Brombachsee will be supplied with 50l/300 bar tanks. With the tanks fitted into easy-to-reach cases we can use the cranes at the marina for changing. Anyways, our charter guests will not have to take care of that.

Besides that, we are planning to install a gas station at Greater Brombachsee. Hydrogen will be genereated by wind power and delivered to the marinas in big tank batteries. A compressor then will pump the gas into the onboard tank systems. Thus, the changing of tanks will no longer be a must. In addition to that, we want to fit the boats with big composite tanks. These tanks combine big size with low weight and are a lot lighter than gas tanks.