Bild eines Segelbootes

Performance testing

After fitting the first 5kW-Fodiator into our Nautiner 30s, a 3,5 t sailing yacht, we did our first test drives on June 29th (2012). We were on the water (Brombachsee near Nuremberg) for seven hours all in all. At an average of 3,9 knots we did 23 kilometers in range. The drive, including a 5kW-E-Tech machine and our control management, works error-free. The measurement results are impressive, too, still the will modify some details. The gas consumption was astounding. All in all, for our first cruise, we neede 4500 liters of gas, 13.75 kilowatt respectively. So we are talking a gas consumption of approximately 0,59 kilowatt-hours per kilometer. This means, speaking consumption, we are a lot better than conventional combustion engines.

The dynamics of the engine are amazing, too. Running on half power only, the boat is 3,8 knots fast already, at 800 revolutions/min even 5,2 knots. Mind you without any noise or exhaust emission.

When doing 30 percent of the cruise at 400 revolutions/min, 60 percent at 600 revolutions/min and ten percent at 800 revolutions/min, with our system, you can (100 l tank at 200 bar) drive for 34,5 hours with an average speed of 3,2 knots and cover 192 kilometers.

We then installed a bigger propeller (40 cm instead of 32 cm) with a greater pitch?? We were amazed by the top speed of 5,8 knots at 800 revolutions/min.

Here the results of our testing two different propellers:


Hier ein Fahrzeit/Distanzvergleich für den Antrieb bei 100l/300bar Gastanks für beide Propeller:





All measurement results were collected on our sailing yacht, a Nautiner 30s, 9,1m, 3.5t


You can see the assembly for our testing in the following gallery, a tug trial and the changing of propellers and bottle.